Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial from Lou Childs of Slumberpod

Watch or read a client testimonial from Lou Childs of Slumberpod.
“Just knowing that everything is being taken care of there, theirs is priceless being on shark tank, you’re expected to have your numbers in line.” … “I’m happy always to recommend you guys with confidence because of what you’ve done for me….”

Client Testimonial from Taylor Howe of Salis Skin

Watch or read a client testimonial from Taylor Howe of Salis Skin.
“Smartstart just seemed like a really good fit for us because it would help us learn kind of the ins and outs of QuickBooks and help us learn the basics of accounting…”

Client Testimonial from Kevin Rizer of Emmy’s Best Pet Product

Watch or read a client testimonial from Kevin Rizer of Emmy’s Best Pet Product.
“So I first heard about profit first through a mutual friend and someone that said, hey there’s a lady named Cindy Thomason and she just wrote a book that you need to read. I hopped online…”

Client Testimonial from Kevin Lehoe of The Office Oasis

Watch or read a client testimonial from client testimonial from Kevin Lehoe of The Office Oasis.
… “I 100% recommend it and it’s, it’s definitely worth you know, getting on board and having this service because it’s just feels like another member of your team that’s helping you out in the grand scale of your your business.”

Client Testimonial from Christian Verhoeven of Prisma International

Watch or read a client testimonial from Christian Verhoeven of Prisma International.
…”There is a time as the e-commerce seller where you, you know, you pass a certain threshold of monthly revenue and you just need to find the money to spend on a good bookkeeper because without a good bookkeeping service there there’s no going forward.”…

Client Testimonial from Joel Smith of Amaira Natural Skincare

Watch or read a client testimonial from Joel Smith of Amaira Natural Skincare.
…”The number one thing I love most about working with Books Keep is their team. I really feel that I can trust and rely on them and they have my back.”…

Client Spotlights: Custom Pins & Buckles

Reba Parkinson, owner of Custom Pins & Buckles, had a hard time finding a bookkeeper who understood how her ecommerce business worked. She wanted someone who could keep her books clean and help her create a financial plan for her business. That’s when she found bookskeep, and her business has been operating smoothly ever since!

Client Spotlight: The Office Oasis

Kevin Lehoe, owner of The Office Oasis, struggled to find a bookkeeper who could deliver his financials quickly and accurately. Month after month, he was unable to trust his numbers and make informed decisions about his business. When he started working with bookskeep, he was excited to find that he was finally getting accurate and up-to-date numbers every month!

Client Spotlight: Damoteddy Ecommerce

For a new business owner who isn’t really familiar with how the books work, keeping up with your ecommerce bookkeeping can be confusing. You know your numbers are important, but you may not know exactly what they mean or how to sort through them. Read about this experience in our client spotlight with Damoteddy Ecommerce!

Client Spotlight: Industrial Puppy, Inc.

Managing cash flow is always an important part of handling your ecommerce business financials. Now more than ever, you need to be aware of where your cash is going. You also need to know how to keep money coming in during times of uncertainty. Luckily, bookskeep’s 13-week Cash Flow Plan can show you just that! That’s exactly what we did for Industrial Puppy.

Client Spotlight: Northwoods Humidors

When Kevin, owner of Northwoods Humidors, realized he was also struggling to understand his numbers and what to do with them, he started looking for someone to help. That’s when Kevin found bookskeep, and he’s had a clear understanding of his books ever since!

Client Testimonial: Advance Supply

Having accurate, current data is key to knowing where you are in your operations on a daily basis. Without it, you run the risk of flying off-track, and when that happens, recovery is oftentimes lengthy and painful. We care about what results our clients get. We asked the owner of Advance Supply how our partnership has affected his business.

Client Spotlight: ckenico LLC

Chuck Kennicott, owner of ckenico LLC, had experienced the struggle firsthand, so he was relieved when he found bookskeep, an accounting company that already understood his finances. We asked Chuck about his experience with bookskeep and the team, and here’s what he shared with us.

Client Spotlight: 80s Tees

Kevin needed a bookkeeper and wanted to work with a company that specialized in bookkeeping for Amazon sellers, and that’s where bookskeep came in. When he first began working with bookskeep, Kevin went through our coaching program, Profit First for ecommerce sellers, which put him on the right path from the get-go.

Client Spotlight: Electric Eye and Smart Start! for Ecommerce

Shawn Khemsurov, owner of Electric Eye, was also unsure how to properly manage his books until he found our Smart Start! program. Shawn recently shared with us a little bit about his experience with the program and how it has impacted his business and mindset about his accounting.  

Client Spotlight: Spy Guy

While we have worked very hard to get bookskeep to this point, we are well-aware that none of this would be possible without our amazing clients, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning. One such client is Allen Walton, founder and president of Spy Guy. Here’s what Allen had to say about his experience working with bookskeep.

Client Spotlight: Mark Brenwall and eFinity Studios

Mark Brenwall gets the award for “Client in the Most Exotic Location.” We enjoy working with Mark because he is proactive in managing his business and he is constantly trying to improve his systems. We love being on his team and want you to know a little more about him.

Client Spotlight: Carole Rains of Emu Joy

This Client Spotlight focuses on Emu Joy.  Carole throws herself into learning and is always looking to improve!  We have been working together on Profit First for many months and it’s nice to see her progress and growth in the business.

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