Client Testimonial from Joel Smith of Amaira Natural Skincare

Joel Smith from Amaira Natural Skincare Testimonial

Joel (00:10):

I mean, it’s, it’s pretty hard to to point out One thing, to be honest, the Progress Progress Master’s program has completely changed our business. But with Progress Masters, we’ve been able to focus on creating systems, look at data over a longer period of time, and then create the right processes, make sure the right team member is looking after that. When we started with Progress Masters, we were negative mid six figures, and now we’re positive six figures in under six months absolutely would not have been possible without the team at Books Keep, without a doubt, there is a huge benefit and advantage to working with a company that specializes in e-commerce. Well, a major difference is we have money Now, <laugh> that’s a huge difference. You know I’m sure every other business owner and entrepreneur can relate to this. You know, sometimes there’s good times and other times it’s bad.

Joel (01:00):

But a consistent salary or income is pretty rare in in your own business. And I can say that since working with Books Keep and in partic in particular Progress Masters this year, I’ve earned a monthly salary, which, you know, sometimes you can’t always say that. So that’s been a big advantage. They will find ways to help you create more cash flow and cut costs that are unnecessary or just analyze things and make you work out whether you really do need them or not. My understanding of my numbers has massively improved, not just me, but also my COO as well. I don’t see myself ever needing any kind of financial team for my business other than Books Keep the communication about my business with Books Keep is, is pretty amazing. And I guess it comes from Cindy working on Clockwork, the Clockwork System and Profit First and Fix This.

Joel (01:48):

Next. The number one thing I love most about working with Books Keep is their team. I really feel that I can trust and rely on them and they have my back. So what I would say to somebody considering working with Books Keep, don’t even think about it. You have nothing to lose. And as I mentioned before, you’ll notice the difference in quality just by the onboarding process, the way that they onboard you, the questions they ask just the flow and the systems. You won’t regret it. You’ll save a fortune in unnecessary expenses. You’ll have better management of your inventory, you’ll be able to forecast better. You’ll be able to focus on the things in your business that you should be focusing on and not spending all of your time worrying about finances, paying bills, and can you pay the next inventory bill that’s coming through, things like that. Without a doubt, the best company I’ve worked with, and I couldn’t recommend them any higher air.

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