Client Testimonial from Kevin Lehoe of The Office Oasis

Kevin Lehoe

Kevin (00:00):

Having books Keep as an an accounting bookkeeper partner with me is pretty incredible because they know, like I said, all of the different Amazon fees associated with the business, how to break all of those down, and they really get it from a high level standpoint.

Kevin (00:18):

My name is Kevin Lejo. My business is the Office Oasis. Back in the day, it started as just kind of a, a side business. I was working a full-time job and I launched my first product on We, I’ve seen a lot of success with that, and I just was, you know, putting profit back and back into the business. And over time, you know, that developed into product number two and then product three and four, and then before you knew it, it was a, a full product suite of, you know, different products. You know, relating to the office. Product industry in general is just basically the, their willingness to improve on everything. So every quarter we do kind of like a quarterly, you know, look at the, the financial documents in the books, and they always ask me, is there anything else that we could be doing better? Is there anything else you’d like to add to the service? And really that’s the thing that sticks out the most.

Kevin (01:15):

Mainly the, the timeliness of like receiving the, you know, financial documents on a monthly basis. And also the accuracy. You know, they ease my concerns right away and after being with them for two years, I’ve seen one, they are extremely accurate with all of their, you know, accounting and financial documents. I know that I have a lot of trust in books Keep that the financial documents I’m looking at, you know, month after month are extremely accurate and they’re, they’re attention to detail is fantastic. And the timeliness is incredible. Since they know kind of the ins and outs of that, they understand like the cashflow cycles, the inventory cycles they can actually give you, you know, different advice. It’s not necessarily, you know, financial advice, but it’s, it’s different things that you can do in your business day-to-day that they can actually help with since they are in a sense, experts in, you know, e-commerce. On the bookkeeping side, when I, when I look at my business and the financials, I know that they’re really accurate so I can make decisions on a monthly basis, and it really gives me like an inside look to how the business is operating and the, the ways that I can prove certain things and make high level decisions.

Kevin (02:36):

You know, if my bookkeeper doesn’t know the specific answer, as I mentioned, they’ll, they’ll, they’ll try to get the answer from someone else on the team. So I think the open line of honest communication you know, really helps. Anytime I have like a pressing question or whatnot, I wish I would’ve, you know, found books keep year one into my business. It took me till year, year three. You know, I’ve really have my business developed. And just having those numbers and knowing those numbers from the beginning is really important. So I would say just, I, I 100% recommend it and it’s, it’s definitely worth you know, getting on board and having this service because it’s just feels like another member of your team that’s helping you out in the grand scale of your your business.

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