Be Confident in Your
Ecommerce Bookkeeping

Understand your costs

Know your cash flow

Learn how to grow and profit

Be Confident in Your

Understand your costs

Know your cash flow

Learn how to grow and profit

Mike Michalowicz Profit First highly recommends bookskeep

Mike Michalowicz
Author of Profit First and
the The Profit First Podcast

Cyndi Thomason and her team have taken the Profit First concept and expanded it in a powerful way for the unique needs of the Amazon, eBay and ecommerce business. If you’re ready to be permanently profitable, I cannot recommend Cyndi and bookskeep more highly.


Robyn Johnson
Best From The Nest
Author of The Unlikely Entrepreneur and
Host of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show

The commitment that bookskeep has to overall business health is refreshing. They possess the specific knowledge that allows them to make a much greater impact in a short time period. If you are an ecommerce business looking for focus on your “Profits First,” there is no one else I recommend.

What makes bookskeep
so different?

Online businesses are different, each with very specific needs. As ecommerce bookkeeping experts, our primary mission is to ensure you understand your numbers and “speak the language” of your particular business. We know the unique processes and specialized software used in the ecommerce industry, and how to use them to confidently guide your business.

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Cyndi's breakthrough book on Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers

Bookkeeping Services for ECommerce Businesses

Making Accounting Easy

You’ll have easy access to simple systems and clear reports that answer your business questions and keep you on track to meet your sales goals.

Immediate Information When You Need It

We know how to run any reports in Amazon Seller Central and can pull the information for you in a flash so you can make confident decisions about inventory, returns, profit structures, and more.

Plus, because we’re familiar with inventory software (including Inventory Labs and, we can get the information needed for bookkeeping directly, saving you time and frustration.

Profit Driven Strategies

As Mastery Level Profit First Professionals we can help you reduce your debt, pay yourself what you’re worth, and increase profits with proven cash flow management strategies.

Smart Start!™ for Ecommerce

Smart Start!™ is our startup product for small ecommerce businesses. This includes setup, training and support of your QuickBooks online and your A2X account that connects your Amazon deposits to your books correctly. Smart Start!™ makes your monthly bookkeeping easier.

Want to Increase Inventory and Cash
Without Taking a Loan?

As a Master Profit First Professional, bookskeep has advised dozens of ecommerce clients who have learned the benefits of taking their profits first. For example, one of our clients who sells fitness equipment has increased cash on hand by 23% while growing inventory 680% during our two-year relationship. Credit cards are now paid off monthly, and salary and owner draws are taken monthly as well. The best part is the client is now able to order enough inventory stock to ensure he doesn’t run out during the upcoming busy season, and has even been able to diversify by investing in another local business.

Profit Advising

Profit First Coaching

It’s your business; you should receive the first take. We help ensure you get your share of the profits first and can run your business with what’s left over. That’s the Profit First way!

Cash Flow Management

When you understand the flow of income and expenses and discover the rhythm of your business finances, you replace the randomness and guessing with assurance and financial consistency that can be managed. We can help you gain that understanding!

Financial Education

Many accounting reports are just mind-boggling! We help you discover what they really mean. Starting with the profit-and-loss statement and balance sheet, you begin to relate to your financials in everyday terms, understanding how they impact your decisions and profits.