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Selling the Business – Preparation & Exploration

Now that you’ve built up a strong business that is successfully growing, you’re moving into the final stage of the business lifecycle: selling. No matter if you’re selling because the market is right or you’re just ready to pass the torch, you need to be prepared to sell and should thoroughly explore the options so […]

Growing Your Business – Finances & Planning

Now that you’re ready to expand, you need to make sure the important things are in order. One of the most important pieces is of course finances. You also need to make a game plan so you can keep yourself on the path of growth! Finances Keeping an eye on your finances is a big […]

Growing Your Business – People & Process

This is the stage you’ve all been waiting for: growth! As exciting as it is to be able to start growing your business, you need to be sure you’ve got the right stuff to do so. In this week’s SmartCFO series blog, we’re helping you through those growing pains by making sure you know what […]

Get the Wheels Moving – People, Process & Inventory

Now that we’ve talked about better understanding your numbers and managing your cash, we can talk more about your processes and products. This week, we’ll dive farther into the groundwork that needs to be done with people, processes, and inventory. People & Process With so many software and channel options available to you today, it’s […]

Get the Wheels Moving – Financial Data & Cash Management

You’ve built out the basics. You’ve checked off the initial boxes on taxes and compliance. You’ve got something to sell and places to sell that something. Now it’s time to create order & structure. In the third blog of our SmartCFO series, you’ll lay more groundwork for the future growth stage. Financial Data Analyzing financial […]

Initial Business Setup – Tools, Systems, and Teams

Our second blog in the SmartCFO series continues to discuss some of the basics of business set up. This week, that includes decisions about tools, accounting systems, and team development. From this list you should have a better understanding about what to look for in your accounting software, inventory systems, and other internal tools to […]

Initial Business Setup – Structure, Sales, & Expenses

Yes, your product is awesome! But behind-the-scenes of every awesome product, you’ll need to ensure your business is set up to support you and your efforts on the entrepreneurial adventure. Things like your sales channels, support tools & systems, processes and your teams are all part of an important equation. Without these items, you’ll have […]

The Business Lifecycle – What Stage Are You In?

People often don’t realize that the lifecycle of a business involves so much more than deciding on a product, selling it, and then repeating. In reality, your business will go through a handful of phases from start to finish. You will have to make decisions in each phase, big and small. For this reason, it’s […]

Make Cash Flow Less Stressful

When I speak to potential clients and ecommerce sellers, the first question I always ask is, “What is the biggest challenge your ecommerce business faces?”. The most frequent answer I get is Cash Flow, and I would guess your answer is probably the same. I find that cash flow is often the biggest obstacle because […]