Let’s see if The SmartProfitFirst Service is right for you

You read the book and you know Profit First can help you manage and keep your cash. You may have opened the accounts, but it just isn’t clear how to get started. We can design a custom program to ensure there is no “shock” to your cash system. Let’s grow your cash and your business.

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SmartProfitFirst is for you if

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    You want to focus on profit distributions and rewarding yourself as a business owner.
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    You want better cash management within your business.
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    You want to make more strategic decisions with your cash.
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    You want to understand your cash usage patterns so you can take action and get expenses inline.

“We have really appreciated all that bookskeep does for our business. It is great having someone handle the books for us. They are very professional, organized, and have a great team of people.”

–Becky A.

Get FREE copy of Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers Ebook (Chapters 1 and 2)

“The bookskeep team helped me understand my monthly profit margin and where I can cut expenses in my Ecommerce business to increase that margin.”

– Kevin K.

SmartProfitFirst is NOT for you if

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    You’re not an Ecommerce-focused business.
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    You don’t have a current Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow.
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    You do not have an accounting system already in place.
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    You are looking for a bandage on unprofitable products.

Here's What You'll Get

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Analyze your financial data through the Profit First methodology and make a plan.

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Check progress on processes and operations. Determine adjustments needed

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Monitor progress, make adjustments.  Calculate profit distribution and plan for the next quarter.  You’re ready to fly solo!

Prefer to do it yourself?

Take the Online Course

This self-guided video course will walk you through the concepts and the exercises in Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers.

Schedule a Profit First Assessment Call

ProfitFirst Assessment Coaching Call is a 2-hour call where our expert Profit Advisor will guide you, step-by-step,  to effectively create a Profit Assessment from the ProfitFirst methodology.

Read the Book

This book addresses struggles ecommerce sellers face and provides clear and actionable guidance on how to overcome them.

Start making data-driven decisions and become more profitable today.

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