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Custom Pins & Buckles Logo

Client Spotlights: Custom Pins & Buckles

Reba Parkinson, owner of Custom Pins & Buckles, had a hard time finding a bookkeeper who understood how her ecommerce business worked. She wanted someone who could keep her books clean and help her create a financial plan for her business. That’s when she found bookskeep, and her business has been operating smoothly ever since! […]

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Client Spotlight: The Office Oasis

Kevin Lehoe, owner of The Office Oasis, struggled to find a bookkeeper who could deliver his financials quickly and accurately. Month after month, he was unable to trust his numbers and make informed decisions about his business. When he started working with bookskeep, he was excited to find that he was finally getting accurate and […]

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Client Spotlight: Damoteddy Ecommerce

For a new business owner who isn’t really familiar with how the books work, keeping up with your ecommerce bookkeeping can be confusing. You know your numbers are important, but you may not know exactly what they mean or how to sort through them. Read about this experience in our client spotlight with Damoteddy Ecommerce!

Industrial Puppy Logo

Client Spotlight: Industrial Puppy, Inc.

Managing cash flow is always an important part of handling your ecommerce business financials. Now more than ever, you need to be aware of where your cash is going. You also need to know how to keep money coming in during times of uncertainty. Luckily, bookskeep’s 13-week Cash Flow Plan can show you just that! […]

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Client Spotlight: ckenico LLC

For an ecommerce business, finding an accounting service that understands the unique financials that come with selling online can be tricky. Trying to explain the numbers and transactions to a bookkeeper can frustrating and time consuming, and what business owner needs more hassle when it comes to their accounting? 

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Client Spotlight: 80s Tees

As a business owner, there’s nothing more important than having accurate and easy-to-understand financial reports. Outdated numbers can leave you with a false sense of security about the financial state of your business, which has all the potential of landing you in a sticky situation! For Kevin Stecko, owner of 80sTees, a successful ecommerce business and long-time […]

Spyguy logo

Client Spotlight: Spy Guy

As bookskeep prepares to celebrate its 5th birthday, looking back I am in awe at the incredible growth, we have experienced, both as a company and individually. Sharing our knowledge and expertise in ecommerce bookkeeping and Profit First coaching, my team and I continue to help other entrepreneurs and online sellers become truly successful, and […]

eFinity Studios

Client Spotlight: Mark Brenwall and eFinity Studios

I’d like to focus the client spotlight on Mark Brenwall. Mark gets the award for “Client in the Most Exotic Location.” We enjoy working with Mark because he is proactive in managing his business and he is constantly trying to improve his systems. Kaizen Mark! He asks good questions as he ties together operational changes […]

emujoy logo

Client Spotlight: Carole Rains of Emu Joy

Carole Rains, like many of our clients, was ready to leave the corporate world behind and become an entrepreneur.  Being an overachiever, she has started two businesses!  This Client Spotlight focuses on Emu Joy.  Carole throws herself into learning and is always looking to improve!  She has learned through the school of hard knocks how […]