Ecommerce Business Best Practices

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Know When to Say No!

In several of the virtual events I’ve been participating in lately, repeatedly the common thread among many of the ecommerce sellers was that they are stretched to the max; both in terms of cash and time. They were eager to learn the best software tools to be more efficient and how to market more effectively […]

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I Need Help! But Can I Afford to Hire Someone?

  A question that most business owners, including ecommerce, ask themselves at some point is “I really need help, but how do I know I can afford to hire someone?” It’s a tough question and not always an easy one to answer. The ecommerce business is built around cash flow and inventory, and it’s a […]

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Run Your Business Like Clockwork

  Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 21 is a big day!  Mike Michalowicz’ new book, Clockwork will be released!  It’s all about setting up your business to run without you.    At bookskeep, we’ve been testing these principles with Mike since 2016.  He advised us to pick a month within the next 18 months to totally disconnect from […]