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Profitability: Educating Ecommerce Sellers

Educate, Educating, Education. These words are sure to evoke some response, especially if you’re doing school from home during the COVID lockdown. For me, these words bring back memories of my grandfather. He always said, “Get your education; no one can take that away from you.” I worked in a corporate job and went to […]

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Amazon Reserves and Profit First

I have recently had a few questions from ecommerce sellers about how to manage their profit allocations when Amazon withholds a reserve. This week’s blog will specifically address the implications to your Profit First allocations and how to manage them if a reserve has been withheld. I will also address how to use your Profit […]

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Leadership is Personal—It Begins with You

The last day of the EntreLeadership Summit, Day 3, kicked off with leadership coach and Ramsey personality, Christy Wright. Her topic was “Get a Life, Don’t Lose Yourself in the Business You Love” and she was on fire! This title certainly rings true for me, and I bet it does for many of you, as […]