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Amazon FBA Mastermind Module 1: The World Of Ecommerce

Amazon FBA Mastermind Module

Amazon FBA Mastermind Module 1 began on January 20 with Dr. Ellen Britt welcoming the new students and setting the stage for the next 4 modules.

Christine Cobb, our instructor, gave us an overview of the world of ecommerce and specifically how Amazon FBA fits into that world.  Many of the barriers to entry for bricks-and-mortar stores do not exist for the ecommerce businesses.  Yet, there are many aspects that are the same no matter what the business.

As part of this course, we will be setting up our Amazon accounts and sourcing our first inventory for our stores.  Christine cautioned us to be nonspecific with business and store names as our experience may lead us into different markets.

She also cautioned: “Do not fall in love with any product – Things will change.”

We learned about the differences in Amazon seller Accounts: both Professional and Individual.  We learned about the equipment and supplies that will be necessary.  We learned about as many abbreviations as exist in the Military.  We also learned about Sales tax and its many complexities.

This first-class was such a great overview for me.  I typically only see Amazon businesses from the numbers.  It’s fun to think about the selling aspects.  I must admit, I want to try my hand at it. Christine and Ellen have an enthusiasm that is contagious!

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