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How to Create a Profitable Product

Even if you don’t look at any of your other business numbers, the one that you should be looking at is Gross Margin. It’s important to know if your Cost of Goods Sold and the Cost of Sales is less than the Total sales by an amount big enough to fund operations, pay yourself and […]

Summer Financial Housekeeping

As we weather the summer heat wave and 100 degrees plus temps, it’s a good time to do a little housekeeping before business heats up in the fall.  Here are 3 action steps you can take right now to set yourself up for success. Be Aware of Mileage Rate Changes According to the IRS website, […]

Represents the Parkinson's law in business

Profit First Can Save You from Parkinson’s Law

A huge part of owning a business is making sure that all your funds and expenses are being are being allocated correctly. As long as you have a good system nailed down, this commitment happens regularly and will take up less time. However, if you’re making it up as you go each month, it’s likely […]

Selling the Business – The Sale

After you’ve prepped and searched through all your options, it’s time to actually sell. When it comes time to send your business off into new hands, there are several things you want to keep in mind to ensure you get the price and the smooth transition you deserve. The Sale  It may be time to […]

Selling the Business – Preparation & Exploration

Now that you’ve built up a strong business that is successfully growing, you’re moving into the final stage of the business lifecycle: selling. No matter if you’re selling because the market is right or you’re just ready to pass the torch, you need to be prepared to sell and should thoroughly explore the options so […]

Growing Your Business – Finances & Planning

Now that you’re ready to expand, you need to make sure the important things are in order. One of the most important pieces is of course finances. You also need to make a game plan so you can keep yourself on the path of growth! Finances Keeping an eye on your finances is a big […]

Growing Your Business – People & Process

This is the stage you’ve all been waiting for: growth! As exciting as it is to be able to start growing your business, you need to be sure you’ve got the right stuff to do so. In this week’s SmartCFO series blog, we’re helping you through those growing pains by making sure you know what […]

Get the Wheels Moving – People, Process & Inventory

Now that we’ve talked about better understanding your numbers and managing your cash, we can talk more about your processes and products. This week, we’ll dive farther into the groundwork that needs to be done with people, processes, and inventory. People & Process With so many software and channel options available to you today, it’s […]