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Can Business Habits be Profitable?

We’re all creatures of habit, and when you’re a business owner with a lot on your plate, falling into the habit of pushing things off until that last-minute during tax season can be pretty easy. However, when it comes to making a real profit continually, procrastination isn’t going to cut it. You need to be […]

Cyndi’s Latest Book Coming May 4th!

Cyndi’s New Book Is Almost Here I am thrilled to announce that my latest book, Motherhood, Apple Pie, and All That Happy Horseshit will be available to purchase on May 4th, just in time for Mother’s Day! This book is perfect for that mom or soon-to-be mom who is considering starting a business (or already […]

What If?

Our fourth and final blog of this series is a discussion of a new client service called SmartStatements. This service offers a visual look at financial statements using charts and graphs to make your statements a little easier to understand. What If? I hear from people all the time, “I’m not a numbers person, so […]

What to Review on Your Balance Sheet

In our third video blog of our financial statement webinar series, we are discussing the Balance Sheet. This statement holds a lot of valuable information about your business from its inception, so understanding it is a crucial piece to success. What to Review on Your Balance Sheet Let’s dive into the Balance Sheet and the […]

What to Review on Your P&L

In our second video blog of this series, we dive into the Profit & Loss Statement, or your P&L. This is a critical report and understanding how to review it and what to pay close attention to will help you keep a pulse on your business. What to Review on Your P&L Let’s dive into […]

Learn to Speak Ecommerce with a Customized Chart of Accounts

Let’s face it, understanding financial statements can be tricky. To many ecommerce businesses, reading a financial statement is like trying to read a foreign language you’re not well-schooled in. You almost need a translator to explain the various classes, categories, and columns! Oftentimes, this is not a problem of you simply not understanding, but more […]