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Stick to Your Ecommerce Resolutions!

What do you hope to achieve this year in your business and in your life? Do your goals include more profit, more family time, more sales, and more learning? What one thing can you do to ensure the change sticks? Achieving a goal is a process, so let’s talk about how to get there. Understand […]

Feel the Rhythm of a Cash Flow Resolution

There are a lot of process and some very specific math involved in starting Profit First but, in my opinion, there is no better way to start out the new year than gaining control of your finances. So, let’s discuss two primary cycles to help you make it all work: a 10/25 rhythm each month, […]

January Tax Warm-Ups

January is the time to think taxes.  Of course, you have until March or April to file income taxes depending on the business entity type, but you may also have some obligations in January. If you have employees or if you paid contractors, you have deadlines of January 31, 2023. Let’s make sure you have a […]

Make a Resolution to Love Your Business

At the beginning of 2022, I had the opportunity to chat with one of our wonderful clients, Beth Fynbo with Busy Baby, LLC. She discussed a few things with me that are great reminders for this time of year. In just a few years, Beth has grown her business from an idea to a 7-figure […]

Your Ecommerce Q4 To-Do List

Q4 is of course our most busy and stressful time of year as ecommerce business owners. However, over the years I’ve picked up on a few tricks to help divide the work and ease the stress over the next few weeks. Let’s talk about them. Tidy Up One of the first things to do is […]

Get Yourself Off the Inventory Hamster Wheel

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again. I talk to tons of ecommerce entrepreneurs a year and inventory is always one of the top questions. That’s because inventory for ecommerce can be a little trickier than it is for brick-and-mortar stores. So, let’s go over how to avoid getting […]

Envision a Future for Your Ecommerce Business

I’m attending a friend’s wedding this week, and it has me reflecting on ceremonies and all the opportunities that lay in the future of the bride and groom. I started thinking on everything that awaits them and the intentions that are shared during wedding vows. It hit me that most of our important life events […]

Wade Into Profitable Waters

I recently had the opportunity to present Profit First to a group of business owners in Philadelphia. After the talk, several told me they were re-energized about trying to get Profit First working in their business. Unfortunately, their stories were ones of failed attempts. I have heard this repeatedly over the years from clients that […]

Take Time to Manage Time

A couple weekends ago, I took advantage of a rainy Sunday to watch The Winning the Week Method Webinar by Demir Bentley. He talked about time management and productivity, something I focus on a lot in my life to help me stay focused on my work and my business. The webinar was a lot of […]

Love + Work Makes a Better Business

I recently reread a book that held a special place in my heart during the spring, called Love + Work by Marcus Buckingham. I remember reading it and being so happy that the concepts in it confirmed the principles I chose to run bookskeep based on. We’re not the typical bookkeeping firm. We’re centered around […]