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Leadership—That’s a deep and a broad subject, and in these uncertain times we are critically aware of its importance. I have been a leadership junkie for many years. That’s why I’m always looking for new leadership tips. In my corporate career, I had the great privilege of meeting Dr. Stephen Covey at one of his seminars just after he released Principle Centered Leadership in the early 90’s. Around that same time, I met Dr. Edwards Deming, the father of the Quality movement and a renowned author and speaker. He was 91 at the time but his voice was booming as he made his 14 points known for running an organization. No surprise, he made sure we understood that it was the leader’s fault when a business fails.

For the last two days, I have attended the livestream of Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership event. My mind is full and so is my heart. Here are a few of the takeaways from Day 1.

4 Truths About Work and Money

Dave Ramsey has built an amazing organization that follows his values. He is very transparent with his story of having made money and lost it all, and the lesson he learned when he achieved financial success in his latest venture. His opening talk for this seminar was “4 Lies Business Owners Believe.” Rather than repeat those here, I’ll summarize the truths he shared:

  1. It is noble to work hard and be successful.
  2. Money will not solve your problems.
  3. We all do work that matters. (I love this especially now when some jobs are considered “nonessential’).
  4. Work can be fun and inspiring.

Finding the Leadership Sweet Spotleadership2

Ken Coleman, a radio personality with the Dave Ramsey organization shared that formula for the Leadership Sweet Spot. Talent + Passion + Mission = Purposeful Leader. Get clear on what you do best, what you love most and what results matter the most. He taught that as leaders we are the “Lid” of the organization. In other words, the organization will not outgrow us as leaders. That certainly encourages me to keep growing and to ensure my leadership team members are also growing. In addition to these nuggets, he shared that fear, doubt and pride are the enemies of great leadership. These three enemies will cloud our thinking. We must get clarity in our role as leader, to gain confidence and act courageously in this role.

Leadership and Systems

Craig Groeschel, co-founder of, discussed the responsibility that leaders have for systems in our organizations. He indicated that we don’t rise to the level of our goals, but instead, we fall to the level of our systems. We all have systems in our business, either we created them intentionally or they exist by default because of what we tolerated. Craig defined leadership as influence. You don’t need a title; you just need relationships.

Culture is Critical

The last speaker on Day 1 of EntreLeadership was Lou Holtz, Hall of Fame College Football Coach. At 83, he had decades of leadership tips and stories to share. To start, culture is critical and he likes to keep things simple. He shared his three simple rules:

  1. Do what’s right.
  2. Do everything to the very best of your ability; and
  3. Show people that you care.

Holtz just last week lost his wife to cancer and he wished she had seen all the cards, texts and calls from those that knew her and cared. What a lesson for us all.

Find the Leader in You

In this uncertain time, let’s all be a leader and influence our world in a positive way. Let’s make an extra effort to take care of our relationships, especially since we may be distanced, and let those people in your life know you care. At bookskeep, we care about you because you are in our circle. If we can be of help in any way, please let me know.


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