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Our Recommendation is Relay

As we close out our Relay Blog Series and get ready for the Relay Webinar bookskeep will be hosting tomorrow, March 29th at noon CST, I feel the same excitement I felt when I first heard about this opportunity. We’ve talked about the features and bells and whistles, so this week I want to talk […]

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Rounding Up a Relay Webinar

We have decided to round out our March Relay Blog Series with a Relay Bank Webinar at the end of the month! So, mark your calendars for March 29th at 12pm CST because the awesome team at Relay Bank is going to join bookskeep for a great webinar to discuss why this online banking option […]

Welcome to Ecommerce Recession-Proofing 101

The thought of recession looms over us all this year, but instead of sitting around worrying, why don’t we take action now? Let’s not wait to do the cleanup after the storm has wreaked havoc on our business. Instead, let’s reinforce the windows and stock up on what we need to help us weather the […]

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Inspiring Leadership Tips from Today’s Top Influencers

Leadership—That’s a deep and a broad subject, and in these uncertain times we are critically aware of its importance. I have been a leadership junkie for many years. In my corporate career, I had the great privilege of meeting Dr. Stephen Covey at one of his seminars just after he released Principle Centered Leadership in […]

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ASD Market Week in Vegas!

Bookskeep invites you to join us as we participate with other business owners who are succeeding in the e-commerce world.  Our own Cyndi Thomason will be speaking about Profit First for e-commerce businesses as part of the Internet Merchants Association (IMA) Classes on Monday March 12 at 2pm.  Cyndi will also participate in the A2X […]