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Ecommerce Sellers—Is Easy Better Than Exceptional?

Easy customer service is better than Exceptional customer service. Why? Because Easy generates loyalty. This is a major tenant of Roger Dooley, author of the book, Friction. I attended an event where Dooley was keynote speaker, and he made several points that have stuck with me to this day. According to Dooley, one of the [...]
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Profitability: Educating Ecommerce Sellers

Educate, Educating, Education. These words are sure to evoke some response, especially if you’re doing school from home during the COVID lockdown. For me, these words bring back memories of my grandfather. He always said, “Get your education; no one can take that away from you.” I worked in a corporate job and went to […]

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Q4 and Taxes: What’s Your Strategy?

It’s August—the lull before Q4, or maybe not a lull if you’ve gotten crazy busy with COVID sales. In any case, we must look ahead to Q4 and anticipate how we’re going to handle what may be an unprecedented level (or a new precedent) of online sales. There are a few of considerations I want […]