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Why Hiring an Ecommerce Bookkeeper is Essential

Is tax season a constant source of stress rather than a manageable task? If you find yourself overwhelmed by financial paperwork, it might be time to consider investing in an ecommerce bookkeeping service. While making tax time less daunting is a significant advantage, there are numerous year-round benefits to enlisting professional help.  Analytical Accuracy   Timely [...]

Envision a Future for Your Ecommerce Business

I’m attending a friend’s wedding this week, and it has me reflecting on ceremonies and all the opportunities that lay in the future of the bride and groom. I started thinking on everything that awaits them and the intentions that are shared during wedding vows. It hit me that most of our important life events […]

How to Hire Five Star Employees

Finding your next five-star employee will be easier now that you have considered what makes an employee a good fit for your organization and the role you are hiring for. We’ve discussed the qualities that make a great employee. We’ve considered the skills and aptitudes needed for the job we are trying to fill. Using […]

Five Star Worthy Interviews

In our last blog, I discussed the All In Intensive Program we’ve participated in, and what qualities bookskeep feels make an excellent employee for us. While these qualities are an important piece of the hiring puzzle, finding candidates with the aptitudes and skills necessary is equally crucial. There are several fields, accounting roles especially, that […]

A Five-Star Tip for Hiring

Over the last month, I’ve worked with two of my team members on reworking our hiring process. We have worked through the All In Intensive by The All In Company, founded by Danielle Mulvey who is also a fellow Profit First Professional Mastery Member. Her company takes the principles in one of Mike Michalowicz’s upcoming […]

Profit First Can Prepare You to Hire

Like we discussed last week, I frequently hear questions about hiring, but the most common is, “How can I be sure I can afford to hire someone?” This is often a problem with entrepreneurs because no one can do it all, and your business can’t grow if things aren’t being taken care of. When your […]

Build a Supportive Ecommerce Team

When it comes time to create a team for your business, how do you go about it? How do you hire people who are going to build the business and support you and each other in the process? These are just a few of the many questions I often hear business owners have when they […]

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