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Your Top 5 Questions from 2022

2022 was a year of ups and downs as we all know, however, you all have been a great support to us here at bookskeep. As one of our core values is “Educating”, we strive to reflect that in our blogs and give you the information you really need to help support your life, business, […]

Cyndi’s Latest Book Coming May 4th!

Cyndi’s New Book Is Almost Here I am thrilled to announce that my latest book, Motherhood, Apple Pie, and All That Happy Horseshit will be available to purchase on May 4th, just in time for Mother’s Day! This book is perfect for that mom or soon-to-be mom who is considering starting a business (or already […]

Chris Shipferling

How To Prepare for A High-Value M&A Transaction

In this week’s blog on exiting an Amazon business, Chris Shipferling, Managing Partner at Global Wired Advisors, an M&A Investment Bank, shares his expertise on this hot topic. With his many years in this business, we appreciate Chris’ insight and advice. M&A Transactions High-value M&A transactions are trending digital, and with online and Amazon-based businesses […]

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2017 Tax Cuts Jobs Act Preview

It’s tax time! There is so much to do to get everything done for 2017 and get ready for the new laws coming this year, and it’s never too early to plan and prepare. January is already in the books! I sat down with two tax professionals and asked them what we small business owners […]

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