Rekindling the Passion: Celebrate Your Ecommerce Business

Happy 2024! 2023 brought us all plenty of challenges, but we made it. This time of year always gets me thinking about a conversation I had once with Beth Fynbo, the visionary behind Busy Baby, LLC, and her thoughts always resonate with me when thinking about the upcoming year. 

With her remarkable journey of taking her business from concept to $5 million in sales in just a few short years, Beth knows a thing or two about achieving success. In our conversation, she highlighted the significance of celebrations and the value of resolutions, both of which can play pivotal roles in the world of ecommerce. Let’s delve deeper into these concepts and explore how they can benefit your business. 

Celebrate Your Business

As we step into a new year, it’s natural to fixate on the future. We become engrossed in setting goals and targets, often overlooking the importance of acknowledging our past accomplishments and formally celebrating our wins. But why should we take the time to celebrate?  

Firstly, it provides us, as business owners, and our families, with much-needed perspective. Typically, we tend to focus on the challenges we face, and at the end of the day, we share these struggles at the dinner table or with our partners, painting a picture of a constant struggle. 

The entrepreneurial spirit is synonymous with problem-solving, and it’s a crucial part of our daily routine. We’re wired to identify, confront, and overcome challenges, but this relentless pursuit of problem-solving can be draining. Many business owners find themselves exclaiming, “I despise my business; it’s sucking the life out of me! I’ve created a monster!” Trust me, I’ve heard it many times. 

Beth shared her experience, stating, “I can’t stress enough how vital our year-end celebration was for us. We were teetering on the edge of burnout, and it rejuvenated us.” Without occasional celebrations, both we and our families start associating our business with constant struggle. 

Reflect and Restructure 

Another reason for reflecting on our achievements is to ensure that we learn from the lessons of the past year. Lessons aren’t always the result of problems; sometimes, they arise from doing things right. We often forget these lessons as we dive into the next opportunity. An “aha moment” from yesterday becomes old news unless we reflect on it and take steps to incorporate that learning into our processes. 

Take five minutes right now; it’s worth it and pressing matters can wait. Write down some of your successes from the past year. What are you proud of? What did you learn that you didn’t know before but could significantly impact your business and personal life? How will you ensure that you implement these learnings to continue reaping their benefits for your business? Take the next step and involve your family in something special, ensuring that you and your team incorporate these lessons into your systems. 

Embracing Resolutions without Fear 

Traditionally, the new year revolves around resolutions, which in the business world, we often refer to as goals. Interestingly, Beth confessed to feeling a sense of unease during this time of year. The pressure to outperform the previous year or at least avoid regression can be overwhelming.  

As the year progresses, she gradually becomes more comfortable with her goals and her progress. For Beth, every year feels like stepping into the unknown by setting these “daunting” goals, which ultimately motivates her. 

Perhaps you don’t resonate with the idea of setting big, hairy, audacious goals. You might prefer a more conservative approach, seeking modest improvements over the previous year. That’s perfectly fine. The key is to contemplate what you wish to achieve, identify your sources of motivation, and approach the year ahead with intention. 


As we approach February, the month of Valentine’s Day, let’s all set a goal to extend a little love to our businesses. By celebrating our achievements and setting intentional goals, we can evade burnout and create businesses that truly serve us. In the end, it’s all about finding the right balance between celebrating our wins and setting inspiring resolutions to drive our ecommerce ventures forward. 


If you need help along the way, reach out to the bookskeep Team. We’re here and ready to support you in 2024! 

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