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Profit First: Preparing For Sales Tax Liability

We are in the midst of tax season, which is always a little stressful, but having Profit First implemented in your business can ease some of that tax-time stress. Profit First is a cash management methodology that sets up any business for success. It teaches ecommerce sellers how stay afloat in troubled waters and come […]

Northwood Humidors

Client Spotlight: Northwoods Humidors

When Kevin, owner of Northwoods Humidors, realized he was also struggling to understand his numbers and what to do with them, he started looking for someone to help. That’s when Kevin found bookskeep, and he’s had a clear understanding of his books ever since!

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Tool: Spotlight Reporting Shines a Light on Your Business

Spotlight Reporting Shines a Light on Your Business Our feature tool this month is new to us—Spotlight Reporting. Our team has been testing Spotlight Reporting internally for several weeks now, and from what we’re seeing, this is one powerful tool for management reporting. It’s actually in a suite of products--Reporting, Forecasting, Dashboard. The bookskeep team has been focusing on the Reporting product [...]
Financial Health

Gross Profit Margins and Financial Health

As a business owner, the success of our business is what we put a majority of our energy into. We look into a lot of different moving parts when it comes to checking the health of our business, but we tend to focus on the top line sales number. Of course, there is no denying […]

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