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Mike and Cyndi Profit Con 2015

How Profit First Changed The Way We Think

In October 2014, I met Mike Michalowicz at QB Connect in San Jose, CA. I sat in a seminar room listening to a boring presentation, hearing the laughter from the room next door. I decided to go to the “fun” room where Mike was presenting and it has been “FUN” ever since. That day Mike […]

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ASD Market Week in Vegas!

Join bookskeep at the Internet Merchants Association (IMA) Classes on Monday, March 12 at 2pm, where our expert Cyndi Thomason will be speaking about Profit First for e-commerce businesses. Additionally, she will be part of the A2X meetup on Monday evening at 6pm. If you’ll be at ASD, let us know, as we’d love to […]

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Profit First Professional Convention 2017

The Profit First Professional Convention is happening this week in Morristown, NJ, and I couldn’t be more excited! Running from September 27 through September 30, “Profit Con” is the place to be to get your business operating the way you’ve always envisioned it could. As a participant at Profit Con, you will have the opportunity […]

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ProfitCon 2016 Awards

After attending ProfitCon 2016, the conference focused on Profits, I’ve had time to reflect on all the activities. It’s not about greed; rather, we recognize that small businesses drive our economy, yet 80% of them fail within 5 years. As Profit First Professionals, our mission is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty by empowering others to understand […]

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