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How Cash on Hand Affects Your Financials

As all good business owners know, the key to accurate financials is accurate data. What goes into those numbers determines what your financial reports are going to tell you. You want to ensure that you’re getting an accurate picture of your business’ current health. One thing I talk about quite often is cash on hand. […]

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Understanding the Ecommerce Inventory Process

Inventory is the life-blood of ecommerce sellers. You must have it on hand and be able to replenish it when needed in order to keep your business running. Tracking inventory, on the other hand, can be quite the tricky deal. To do this properly, it’s important to understand how to record inventory on your books, an area that many ecommerce sellers struggle with. 

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Amazon Reserves and Profit First

I have recently had a few questions from ecommerce sellers about how to manage their profit allocations when Amazon withholds a reserve. This week’s blog will specifically address the implications to your Profit First allocations and how to manage them if a reserve has been withheld. I will also address how to use your Profit […]

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We Trust A2X To Help Automate Ecommerce Accounting

During the last 3 years, A2X has been an indispensable accounting tool that we have used to simplify the ecommerce bookkeeping process for many of our ecommerce clients. Through this partnership, we have helped sellers make more money, pay less tax, have a precise understanding of their finances, and focus on higher-value tasks instead of […]

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Year End Accounting Guide

The leaves are turning and the days are noticeably shorter. Year end is not far away and 4Q sales opportunities are in the front of everyone’s mind. As you’re working your way through the next three months, here are a few items you should be checking off your list so you’re in the best financial […]

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