Holiday ecommerce: Accounting experts explain the financial KPIs you need to know

Ecommerce holiday prep: Expert panel on the financial KPIs for success

For many ecommerce businesses, the holiday season is a pivotal time. How will you measure whether or not it was actually a successful selling season?

In this webinar, brought to you by A2X and Fathom, you’ll hear from ecommerce accounting experts Cyndi Thomason, founder of Bookskeep, Saman Izadiyar, founder of Ottit, and Wayne Richard, Partner at Bean Ninjas.

Watch to learn:
– Differences between operational, marketing, and financial KPIs
– The financial KPIs that you should be tracking this holiday season and why
– Tips for efficient and accurate financial KPI tracking

Show Timelines

00:00 Ecommerce holiday prep: Expert panel on the right financial KPIs for success
00:19 Introducing our expert panel
02:35 Agenda
03:24 What are operational KPIs, marketing KPIs, and financial KPIs?
05:02 Why financial KPIs matter
06:17 Financial KPIs to track this holiday season
09:58 Accrual vs. cash accounting during the holidays
15:17 Break-even analysis for the holiday season
20:00 Cash flow forecasting for peak season
22:39 Tax implications of holiday sales
25:19 Assessing financial leverage for stocking inventory
32:07 Post-holiday financial reconciliation
33:56 Post-holiday analysis
39:41 Technology to track financial KPIs
46:02 Who is responsible for tracking financial KPIs?
50:59 Considerations for multi-channel sellers
54:12 Common mistakes to avoid
58:03 Use the A2X directory to find an ecommerce accountant
58:58 Final thoughts from the experts

The information provided in our webinars and resources is meant to be general in nature.

Please consult a certified expert to get advice for your specific business requirements.

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