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Amazon sellers often find themselves managing a variety of tasks to keep their businesses running smoothly. While eCommerce businesses can typically reach a wider audience with less overhead when compared to brick-and-mortar counterparts, great communication and excellent service become even more important when all your customer interaction takes place online.


Here at eComEngine, our mission is to help Amazon sellers accelerate their growth. We create time-saving tools so sellers can focus their attention on business growth rather than administrative tasks. We also curate advice from some of the top experts in the industry (including Cyndi, who regularly contributes her accounting expertise!) on our site to give sellers the information they need to continue to be successful on Amazon.

We have a suite of four tools designed just for Amazon sellers. Here’s a quick introduction to each tool.


Reputation is everything in this business. Amazon looks at seller feedback ratings as part of your account health, which can affect everything from the ability to qualify for special discounts and programs when things are going well to account suspension for poor performance. After all, Amazon’s goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience. Seller feedback ratings show Amazon what buyers think of their experience with sellers. FeedbackFive allows you to automatically send customized feedback request emails to buyers through Amazon’s Buyer Seller Messaging Service. You can even include product-specific information such as images or even instructions with their message. There are also several options for specifying message delivery day, time, and more.

Product reviews are also very important for many sellers, since buyers often rely on reviews to make purchasing decisions. Reviews are all about the product, not the seller’s service—the two are often confused, especially by buyers. FeedbackFive makes it easy to automatically send a product review request message to buyers. This is particularly helpful for generating reviews for a product that was recently launched. Since the number of product reviews an item has impacts the way it is shown in Amazon’s organic search results, reviews are an important part of a seller’s overall Amazon reputation. FeedbackFive’s product review management feature allows you to monitor ASINs you are currently selling, ASINs you are considering selling, and even competitor ASINs.

Note that there are very specific guidelines regarding language used in communication with buyers. You can never incentive a review in any way, and you must use neutral language when requesting feedback or reviews. (No if/then statements.) You can learn more about Amazon Terms of Service for seller feedback here and for product reviews here.

FeedbackFive also sends optional alerts for negative feedback or reviews. Responding quickly makes it easier for sellers to provide a positive experience, or at least attempt to turn a negative interaction around by being responsive and helpful. Since Amazon does not notify sellers of negative ratings, many merchants find this feature very useful. FeedbackFive also includes feedback and review analytics data, A/B testing for subject lines, email open rate data, and Amazon sales data to help you see trends and make informed business decisions.


Staying in stock is key to running a successful Amazon business. RestockPro is a flexible FBA inventory management tool that provides decision support and automation functionality to make staying in stock a breeze. The Estimated Margin Calculator allows you to input costs and receive accurate margin calculations that include Amazon fee data to maximize profits. 

Restock Suggestions includes all the information sellers need to guide daily reordering decisions. The tool also functions a supplier CRM, allowing sellers to manage purchase orders, shipments, and supplier information in one place. You can print Amazon-compliant stickers and labels from the software. RestockPro also includes a kitting optimizer to simplify building and managing kits, which can provide a competitive advantage for sellers.


Pricing items competitively can help sellers win the Buy Box (or Featured Offer), which can really impact the bottom line. However, managing pricing for hundreds or thousands of ASINs manually is a logistical nightmare—especially if you’re up against some serious competition. SmartPrice is an algorithmic repricer which allows you to set up your pricing to remain competitive while maximizing profits, rather than nose diving into a race to the bottom.


If you’ve ever attempted to research an entire supplier catalog, you know exactly how tedious and time consuming it can be. MarketScout is an Amazon product research tool that reports information such as how many sellers are on a listing, what category an item is in, and more to make it easier for you to decide whether you want to sell it. Include cost information in the CSV upload file to receive profit margin information in addition to all the other data points. The report is available to download or view online and allows you to quickly filter to see the information that matters most to you.

Amazon sellers save time and money

As you can see, there are many opportunities to save time and money by automating tasks for your Amazon business with software. However, it’s important to make sure that you are using any tools you purchase to their fullest potential. As a budget-conscious seller, you know how important it is to make every dollar count. Finding tools that work for you and allow your team to focus on driving more revenue can make a real difference for your business. For more information on our suite of tools, click here to request a demo.


Bio: As the Managing Content Editor for eComEngine, Becky Trowbridge works to bring you the latest eCommerce industry news as well as tips for running a successful Amazon business. When she’s not writing or managing content, she enjoys spending time outdoors, trying new recipes and reading.

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