What You Should Know About Amazon Reviews in 2020

Did you know that a single product review on Amazon can increase sales by up to 3.5 times the current level? Reviews impact product discoverability, search rankings, buyer trust, and more.

Obviously, reviews are important for Amazon sellers, and they’re becoming even more critical due to increased online shopping during the Coronavirus outbreak. Shoppers rely on reviews when making purchase decisions. But getting ratings isn’t always so simple. In recent months, some sellers have been temporarily restricted from sending requests via Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging due to policy violations. In this article, we’ll share two easy ways to get more reviews while remaining compliant with Amazon’s guidelines.

Consider Using the Request a Review Buttonreview button

Amazon introduced the Request a Review button in November 2019. It is different from Buyer-Seller Messaging, so there are a few things that are important to understand before using it.

When you click the Request a Review button on the Order Details page in Seller Central, Amazon sends a request to the buyer on your behalf. The email includes a prominent request for a product review, along with an image of your product and five empty stars. When the buyer clicks on the stars, they are taken to Amazon to complete the product review. There is also a small section below the product review request where the buyer can provide seller feedback, again by clicking on stars.

The request is translated into the recipient’s chosen language and may only be sent 5-30 days after the order is delivered. You cannot send a follow up message after the initial request. Buyers cannot respond to the message. The request cannot be customized in any way.

This review request method offers several advantages. If you have received a temporary Buyer-Seller Messaging restriction, you are still eligible to send these requests. You can also rest assured that these requests will always align with Amazon’s latest policies, since they are sent directly from Amazon. There is no guesswork involved to ensure you are interpreting policy correctly.

FeedbackFive recently introduced a way to automatically schedule these requests over a secure connection. Set it up once based on your preferences and then focus on other tasks while getting reviews. Getting started is quick and easy, and our excellent support team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Enroll in the Early Reviewer Program

If your product has fewer than five reviews on Amazon, the Early Reviewer Program can be a great way to generate more ratings. In order to participate, you must be enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry. The SKUs you enroll must be listed to sell in the United States and priced above $9.00. You can submit up to 100 different SKUs for the program.

Amazon customers who have already purchased a product that is participating in the Early Reviewer Program are invited to share what they thought of the product. Reviewers are randomly selected and unaware that the item is participating in the program. After leaving a review, these customers receive a small digital credit from Amazon as a thanks for sharing their opinions.

It costs $60 (as well as any applicable taxes) to enroll each SKU in the program. You are not charged until the first review is received from participating in the program. Your SKU will remain enrolled for one year or until you receive five product reviews, whichever comes first.

More Strategies for Getting Amazon Reviews

If you’re ready to start getting more reviews for your products on Amazon, check out this free guide. We’ve included nine strategies with detailed information about each approach, as well as benefits and things to consider. Use these proven strategies to start building your product’s reputation today!


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