Sales Tax Amnesty Program

August 17-October 17, 2017 ONLY

At bookskeep, we have been informed of a sales tax amnesty program for Amazon sellers in some states. If you are selling in the US, you may benefit from this program!  Below is a summary of the recent announcement and links to get more information.  At bookskeep, we rely on Tax Specialist Phyllis Manning to help with Sales Tax issues.  Please feel free to reach out to her directly if you need assistance in registering or filing in these states.

The Multistate Tax Commission, in conjunction with 13 members states, is pleased to announce the rollout of a sales tax amnesty program aimed at helping online sellers to become compliant with sales tax nexus regulations.

MTC Program Director, Richard Cram, took on the cause of developing a multi-state sales tax amnesty program after discussions with Amazon Sellers. Thirteen states agreed to participate.



Colorado (upcoming Amazon state)

Connecticut (Amazon state)

Kansas (Amazon state)

Kentucky (Amazon state)



New Jersey (Amazon state)


Texas (Amazon state)

Utah (upcoming Amazon state)


Eight additional are considering participation, and will indicate before August 17 start date. Some of these additional states may require a limited look-back period for back tax liability.

This program provides a way for taxpayers with potential sales tax liability to negotiate a settlement – during the amnesty period of August 17 – October 17, 2017. Taxpayers that have not been contacted by any of the participating states will be able to apply to start remitting sales tax on relevant future sales without penalty or liability for unpaid, prior accumulated sales tax in the participating states.

Sellers have from August 17 to October 17, 2017, to file multi-state voluntary disclosure program paperwork with the MTC. For full details on the terms and conditions of this limited-time program, visit


PROSPER will be hosting a live webinar with Richard Cram of the MTC on August 9 at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern – everyone and anyone is invited to attend.

To register, click on:


Other helpful links:


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