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Clockwork: 4 Week Vacation Results


Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz helps business owners take control of their company. His formula for business efficiency gives entrepreneurs the freedom to be a part of their business without being bogged down in the daily grind.


I’m so excited to see all the posts about Clockwork! I want to tell you how the story ends. This is not a spoiler- but a further nudge to let you know you can do everything Mike writes about.


On Tuesday I returned home from my 4-week vacation. The image at the top is me in front of the Pyrocumulus clouds at the Kileaua eruption in Hawaii.


I started planning for this 18 months ago at Mike’s suggestion. I totally disconnected on July 1 and did not work in my business til Aug 1. I did not receive emails or internal chat or FB messages-no communication from the team.


The core team met on Aug 2 and they had changed. They took ownership, they had confidence, they don’t need me and my husband!! In fact, their big concern was that they would backslide now that we are back. There was so much love and team camaraderie among them as a group, I tear up when I think about it. When we huddled with the full team the same day, all we heard was praise for the core team and how everything went. There were challenges – 3 personnel issues and they handled them! They brought in a new client and raised rates on two existing clients. Clients had tough questions and they resolved them.




I am convinced my leaving town and disconnecting was so effective, that I am scheduling 1/2 my days as unavailable to the biz, at Mike’s suggestion I’m scheduling a week off every month and disconnecting totally and I’m planning another month off.

When you read Clockwork, make that commitment to take a 4-week vacay and do every exercise so you can make it happen for you and your business.

Finally, Thank you, Mike!! You are a genius!


cyndi vacation

cyndi vacation 2cyndi vacation 3



If you are interested in creating an efficient system in your business, preorder Clockwork on Amazon.

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