Track 1099—Making Tax Time Easier for Ecommerce Sellers

The holidays are a wrap, and not only are we facing a new year, we’re entering a new decade! I can hardly believe how quickly time flies. I can’t help but get excited when I think about all the amazing things the future holds for us!

Amazon Seller Tax Information Overload!

Regardless of what type of business you have, ecommerce or bricks and mortar, this time of year is crazy busy. Closing out the previous year, gathering documents, compiling financial reports for tax time, and planning for the new year seem to consume every minute of these early days of 2020. Here at bookskeep, much of our time is focused on making certain that our clients have what they need to meet with their ecommerce accountant or tax preparer.  woman and papers

One of the many services we offer our clients to help them at tax time is to prepare and send IRS Form 1099s to their contract workers. Each year, we prepare approximately 170+ Form 1099s for our clients. Sending this volume of forms could be intimidating, but we have streamlined our process to the point that it is now a well-designed, routine exercise.

And to make it even easier, we use one of our favorite online tools—Track 1099. We’ve been using this service for years with great results. It’s easy, affordable, and our clients love it. Let’s take a quick look at Track 1099 and see if it might be right for you!

What is Track 1099?

Track 1099 is an online, IRS-approved service for filing a variety of IRS forms, such 1099-Misc, W-2, 1095, W-9, and many more. The service has been around for several years now, and it is highly trusted by over 150,000 businesses. Setup is four easy steps. It’s very user friendly, and you can maintain a downloadable record of your forms sent from year to year.

How Does it Work?

Here’s a look at the basics of Track 1099:

  • No 1096 or W-3 required.
  • Sign up for free. They don’t charge until you schedule e-file.
  • The more forms you file, the less expensive they become.
  • No extra fee for incremental e-filing.
  • No minimum fee, no hidden costs. (Check out their pricing video.)

A few of the many features they offer that our team loves:

  • E-file to the IRS
  • Secure e-delivery to recipients
  • ACA e-file and e-delivery
  • 1096 and W-3 not required
  • No minimum fee
  • Free PDFs to mail
  • Import via CSV
  • CSV templates
  • Integrated with QuickBooks
  • Video Tutorials

Track 1099 and the Ecommerce Business

The Track 1099 service is comprehensive and robust, but at a very affordable price based on the number of forms you file. The more you file, the less it costs per form. The simplicity, pricing and convenience make it ideal for busy ecommerce sellers and other online entrepreneurs.

If you haven’t tried Track 1099, there’s still time to make this year’s deadline of January 31st. Don’t wait a minute longer. Gather the 1099 information for each contract worker you’ve paid $600 or more to last year and try it. I know you will become an avid fan and repeat user, just like we have!

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