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Inventory Management Best Practices

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How to Keep Track of Cash Flow for Inventory

Off the top of your head, would you know the answers to questions about your business expenses, inventory and profit? Questions like, “What amount from my Amazon profit will I have to put back for the next time I make an inventory order? When am I supposed to pay off my supplier? Don’t I need […]

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Create an Inventory Bank Account to Manage Cash Flow

Are you having cash flow issues? Do you come up short of cash when you reorder inventory?   It’s human nature to look at our bank balance and make a judgement about our financial health. When you use a single checking account for all your business expenses, the funds you are counting on to replenish your inventory are mingled with all […]

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ASD Market Week in Vegas!

Bookskeep invites you to join us as we participate with other business owners who are succeeding in the e-commerce world.  Our own Cyndi Thomason will be speaking about Profit First for e-commerce businesses as part of the Internet Merchants Association (IMA) Classes on Monday March 12 at 2pm.  Cyndi will also participate in the A2X […]

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InventoryLab: An Inventory Solution

Are you looking for ways to save time and money in processing and analyzing your inventory? At bookskeep, many of our clients are utilizing a third-party listing service called InventoryLab.  This online software allows you to scan the item into the software, print and attach the individual label, and sort the item into the correct […]