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Fix This Next Series: Business Priority Pyramid

In our last blog, we discussed the typical behaviors of business owners when facing challenges. To get the quickest relief, we often will take any step, even if it’s not the right step. While this action does move us off point A, it may not move us closer to our overall business goals. This is […]

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Fix This Next Series: Overcoming a Crisis

Back several weeks ago, before every email we received was related to the CARES ACT or COVID-19, I asked followers of my blog what their biggest challenges were in ecommerce bookkeeping. Here is what I learned–36% were concerned with cash flow, before all the recession worries; 21% had to do with marketing and advertising; 15% […]

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What to Fix Next? Cash Flow!

  I’m looking forward to Mike Michalowicz’ new book coming out in late April entitled, Fix This Next. You may remember Mike is the author of Profit First, and he believes this book will be more impactful than Profit First. I’ve been using the diagnostic tool described in the book for the past several months […]

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