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We love it when our clients tell us about services that work well.  This month an overseas client told us about Veem, a currency transfer service that operates in over 60 countries.

Veem is safe and secure because it uses the latest security technology. All your information stored, shared or uploaded onto the platform is encrypted with the most advanced protocols. Your money stays in the bank account until both parties are verified, and then the money moves safely and quickly.

Sign-up is quick and easy and takes seconds to complete. Once your account is verified you get great features and benefits:

  • Complete a wire transfer in 1-3 days
  • No monetary limits on wire transfers

Veem saves your financial information from each transaction:

  • Eliminating redundant data entry and potential for mistakes
  • Saving time for multiple transactions to on recipient

The best part of Veem is no wire transfer fees!

For example, if you are sending dollars to dollars, there are no fees and of course no cost of currency conversion.  Veem makes money on the foreign exchange and their FX rates are better than the bank rates so it should be a savings for you and the receiver as well.  If you’re sending $10,000 to pay an invoice, you pay exactly $10,000.

To learn more about VEEM request a demo by following this link:



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