SmartStart FAQs

How do SmartStart trainings work? When would I start, how should I prepare, what will happen?

After you purchase the SmartStart program, you will receive an email with your estimated start date. A calendar link will be provided, and you simply confirm dates for your three calls that work best with your schedule. During your calls, you and your trainer will review each item on the agenda for that call. These calls are one-on-one and recorded for your reference later if needed.

Is the SmartStart training schedule flexible?

Yes! You will be provided a calendar link for your trainer. Based on their availability and yours, you can schedule times that work best for you.

Can I wait to schedule trainings until I have sales coming in and numbers to work with?

Yes, you will want to have sales and expense numbers on record for the training. Keep in mind that all three calls should happen within 90 days.

Is there an onboarding process prior to training? How long does the onboarding take before training starts?

Our client service manager will reach out and gather information from you while you are waiting for your start date. During this time, our team will be prepping your books to start the training. Once you schedule your first call, you will be ready to get the training started!

Can Profit First be integrated and who does that setup? 

Profit First can be integrated into SmartBooks. We recommend you have a few months of data in your SmartBooks before you start the Profit First journey. We have three ways to help you integrate Profit First into your SmartBooks:

  1. Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers online course
  2. Profit First JumpStart, our one-on-one coaching program
  3. DIY free resources found on our website

Is there a preference between QBO or Xero?

We have an excellent team of bookkeepers who are certified in both QBO and Xero. It is ultimately your choice about which one you want to use for your business books.

Am I responsible for purchasing the software subscriptions? Are there deals for software?

We are a wholesale dealer of QBO and offer special pricing on QBO subscriptions. We do not have special pricing for Xero but can hold that software for you as a pass-through cost. For A2X, we ask that you hold this subscription because the pricing can change month to month.

What’s the cost for the SmartStart program? 

SmartStart is a one-time investment of $975. You can purchase immediately on Shopify. Our sales manager will then reach out via email to discuss your software needs. Alternatively, once you’ve connected with our sales manager, she can prepare a contract that includes SmartStart and the software you will need based on your conversation with her. The only ongoing payments would be for the software you choose to subscribe to through bookskeep, due on the first day of each month.

Does bookskeep offer tax services?

At bookskeep, we do not do sales tax or federal tax work. We do partner with amazing tax professionals. Email for referrals.

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