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You need a financial partner to advise you on overall business growth. As your advisors, we are with you every step of the way. You will connect with other ecommerce business owners in our mastermind/accountability program.

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Progress Masters is for you if

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    You want to understand your numbers so you can be more confident in your decisions.
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    You want a firm grasp on profitability at the SKU level so you can take strategic action on product offerings, pricing, etc.
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    You want to get ahead of the hustle by creating 90-day plans and work on your business to grow strategically, not just on the latest whim.
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    You want the support of a few colleagues who can become your board advisors.
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    You want to get ahead on cash flow to either pay down debt or pursue growth.

“bookskeep has exceeded my expectations from the beginning. They are professional, friendly and go above and beyond. They’ve been a real game-changer for us, I only wish we had started using them sooner!”

– Gabriel G.

“It is a breath of fresh air to have a company that understands ecommerce. Our business has a lot of suppliers and expenses vary from happening before the sale to being billed 2 months after our sale and shipment of inventory. They are working with us to get us numbers in a fast and accurate fashion.”

– Kevin K.

Progress Masters is NOT for you if

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    Your sales are less than $1 million annually.
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    You want inventory unit tracking and individual sales recorded in your books.
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    You are not “all in” on creating systems and managing your business to create the desired results.
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    You use an accounting system other than QBO or Xero.
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    You want a quick fix. Our approach takes time as it’s about growing your financial skills along with your business.

Here's What You'll Get

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Assess & Plan

Every 90 days we take stock and make a plan for the next quarter.

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Every month we review progress and set expectations and you meet with your Fortress to learn and grow together.

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Depending on your business needs, we work on Cash Flow, Profit First, Inventory Management and other projects.

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