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What to Fix Next? Cash Flow!

  I’m looking forward to Mike Michalowicz’ new book coming out in late April entitled, Fix This Next. You may remember Mike is the author of Profit First, and he believes this book will be more impactful than Profit First. I’ve been using the diagnostic tool described in the book for the past several months […]

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3 Steps for Managing Cash Flow in Q4 and Beyond

Everyday is an exciting day here at bookskeep, but today is an exceptionally exciting day! We are down to the wire preparing for our company retreat and celebration of the 5th birthday of our business! It’s been an amazing ride so far! I am extremely grateful and proud of the company we have built and […]

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Profitability Begins with the Profit First Equation

As I expand my work with Amazon and other ecommerce sellers, whether it be through my business, speaking engagements, social media or other avenues, I see more and more the common threads that tie these unique, hardworking entrepreneurs together. One of those threads has to do with the debt they incur as they run their [...]